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Ammonia Solutions from thyssenkrupp Uhde assist customers in reducing costs and CO² emissions

Companies are prioritizing climate-friendly production solutions as they face ever- increasing pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonize operations. With this in mind, thyssenkrupp Uhde has developed an ammonia production solution based on renewable feedstocks that is 100% CO2-free. Production of ammonia that is CO2-free is designated as green ammonia.

Africa’s green future is now thanks to thyssenkrupp Uhde’s cutting-edge green technologies solutions

thyssenkrupp Uhde, as a proudly environmentally-conscious company, is helping to green the planet through its leading-edge green technology solutions. Combining decades of experience and expertise, the company owns a large portfolio of chemical process technologies, including those for the production of green chemicals such as green ammonia and green methanol. For large scale green hydrogen production based on alkaline water electrolysis, thyssenkrupp Uhde collaborates with its sister company, thyssenkrupp nucera. 

thyssenkrupp Uhde’s 360° service solutions throughout the entire plant life cycle optimizes assets and processes for sustainable productivity and production

Industry is under increasing pressure to increase production while reducing costs and shrinking their carbon footprint. thyssenkrupp Uhde is perfectly positioned to assist industry in achieving these goals. The company combines over a century of experience with technological know-how to deliver 360° service solutions across the complete life cycle of plants. These end-to-end solutions include feasibility studies, design, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), asset and parts management, modernisation, revamps, outages and field and workshop services.