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Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco and Tholimfundo join hands in giving back

Atlas Copco Industrial South Africa embraced the spirit of Youth Day on 16 June by hosting an interactive workshop focused on branding, for Grade 10 learners at the Tholimfundo Foundation Skill Centre. As a company who strives to be involved in sustainable corporate social investment projects of meaning and impact, Atlas Copco is proud to support and partner with organisations in the life-changing work they do for communities in South Africa. 

Atlas Copco ZenergiZe energy storage systems deliver economic, green solutions

The cost of fuel in South Africa has skyrocketed on the back of the global energy crisis. In addition to transportation, petrol and diesel also power a wide range of industrial machines and equipment. The high fuel costs are subsequently pushing up operational costs and adding a further challenge for businesses is the country’s power utility which is under extreme pressure

New parts for Atlas Copco air compressors and other reputable brands – we have the best of both

The Atlas Copco brand is globally renowned for quality - rooted in the manufacturing of products using superior quality materials and cutting-edge technologies in ISO-accredited production facilities applying best practices. Atlas Copco extends this premium quality narrative to its after-market service solutions. Machines are regularly serviced and maintained over their complete life cycle by skilled Atlas Copco technicians using top quality parts. What this means for customers is that they can rely on their Atlas Copco machines to perform reliably and efficiently, leading to optimised plant availability and sustainable production.  

Atlas Copco’s oil-free ZR/ZT90-160VSD – the most efficient and complete quality air compressor package

The new ZR/ZT90-160VSD air compressor range incorporates three cutting-edge technologies - advanced screw element, oil-free and Variable Speed Drive (VSD) - to present yet another unrivalled smart air solution from Atlas Copco. Delivering 100% oil-free certified air at the highest reliability, combined with maximum energy efficiency, these rotary screw machines offer the most complete air compressor package for food & beverage, textiles, oil & gas, power plants, and pharmaceutical production and processing plants.

Atlas Copco keeps customers pumped with specialist after-market solutions

Atlas Copco is a trusted service partner that assists customers, through the delivery of professional after-market solutions, maximising machine performance, availability, efficiency and lifecycle, while minimising operating costs. “When customers buy Atlas Copco products, they are making an investment,” states Douw van Schalkwyk, Business Line Manager for Power Technique’s Service Division. “The best way to protect their investment is by having their products serviced at the correct intervals by qualified Atlas Copco technicians using genuine parts.

Atlas Copco takes customers’ carbon footprints to a new low with the ultra-efficient portable E-Air VSD electric compressor

Atlas Copco is once again on top of the energy-efficiency game with the development of the new advanced portable E-AIR VSD electric compressor range. Incorporating Variable Speed Drive (VSD), these machines deliver all the benefits of quality air without the emissions of a diesel-driven machine. These emission-free, silent, efficient, versatile, and reliable compressors offer a sustainable solution for a cleaner environment.

Cost-effective, efficient, convenient and safe on-site Nitrogen production with Atlas Copco NGP+ 160-1300 PSA Nitrogen generator

Countless industries such as chemical, food & beverage, electronics, pharmaceuticals and laser cutting, are depend on Nitrogen (N₂) as an integral part of their production and manufacturing processes. This inert gas is not reactive, making Nitrogen ideal for applications such as blanketing and it is also widely used as a purging gas. 

There is a new industry standard in compressed air efficiency – Atlas Copco’s GA 22 to 37 VSDs

Delivering energy savings of up to 60% and an increase in Free Air Delivery (FAD) of up to 21%, (compared to fixed-speed models), Atlas Copco’s the new GA 22 – 37 VSDs (Variable Speed Drive) air compressor range is in an efficiency class of its own. Along with its ultra-efficiency, this exceptional air compressor range also raises the bar on performance, reliability and connectivity thanks to cutting-edge designs and innovative technologies.