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SKF Food-grade bearing sets high standards in hygienic design

A new ball bearing from SKF, with food-grade grease and an integral seal, requires no relubrication – which helps maintain both machine performance and hygiene standards 

SKF has developed a deep-groove ball bearing that is designed specifically for use in the food and beverage industry.

The off-the-shelf bearing, part of SKF’s Food Line series, is pre-filled with food-grade grease and incorporates an integral seal. Together, these new features reduce water ingress – helping to raise bearing performance and maintain high standards of hygiene. The new bearing does not require relubrication, which realises several advantages: reduced maintenance, and greater uptime; less chance of leakage; and lower grease consumption.

A reduction in grease consumption – and grease disposal – can help factories to improve their environmental performance. At the same time, the low-friction seal helps to reduce the energy consumption of the bearing – which offers further savings.

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