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Regular machine maintenance by GreenTech service specialists is key to operational efficiency

Operational efficiency is paramount for industry that is under ever-increasing pressure to increase production output while reducing input costs. Fundamental to seamless and efficient operational processes is machine and equipment reliability. And here regular machine maintenance, conducted by trained professionals, plays a critical role.   

“There is no argument against the fact that well-maintained machines perform optimally and efficiently over longer periods, ensuring increased uptime and production and reduced operating costs,” says Marcus Visser, Strategy & Operations Lead at GreenTech Plastics Machinery. Established in 2016, GreenTech is a leading supplier of premium European plastic injection moulding machinery, systems, and ancillary products to Southern African industry. 

Visser also notes that even the best quality machines need regular maintenance to prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure sustainable performance levels. “The exorbitant costs brought about by the critical failure of unmaintained machines due to subsequent unplanned halts in production, is further compounded by repair costs. Moreover, machines that are not regularly and properly serviced can also put the safety of personnel at risk.”

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