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About LNCOur HistoryHistory

Laverick Media Communications was established by Sonia, Aletta (Sonia’s mom) and Thembekile (business partner) in 1998 to bring B2B Public Relations services to clients in mining and general industry.

How did it all start?

Laverick Media Communications was established by Sonia, Aletta (Sonia’s mom) and Thembekile (business partner) in 1998 to bring B2B Public Relations services to clients in mining and general industry. We soon realised that for PR campaigns to achieve maximum effect, demands the support of a good advertising campaign to ensure that a common message is shared with the target audiences. So in the early nineties, we added our advertising to our portfolio and Wilson was appointed as Advertising Manager. Graphic design, originally outsourced, was introduced as an in-house function 11 years ago, spearheaded by Melissa.

This has become our differentiating factor because we are one of very few agencies that offer both PR and advertising services.

No email or www? WHAAAT?

In 1998 we had computers (no laptops mind you) and fax machines. So this is how a press release made it into a B2B magazine: Sonia would visit a client and take a brief; return to the office and write the press release; take a print copy back to client for review. Client would make changes on the print copy (keeping photo copyist for their records) and Sonia, once back in the office, would make the changes, drive back to the client with a print copy of the amended version for final approval and signature.

Thembz and Sonia

Client would keep a copy. Client would also, during this process, supply a colour transparency (tranny). We partnered with a photographic company who would send a driver on a scooter to collect the tranny, having been given instructions to produce X number of colour prints. Prints now received, Thembi would print out X number of press releases, collate and staple. Thembi would type photo captions on sticky labels which were stuck to the back of the photos. A photo would then be paper clipped to the back of each press release, taking care not to scratch the photo as this scratch will appear in the final published version.

Still not finished! Sonia, Thembi or Aletta would pay a visit to the post office, buy X number of stamps and well, the rest is kinda obvious! Turnaround time for a press release from creation to publishing – one to two months! But it worked!

How things have changed. A brief is taken via an online meeting. A press release is approved via email. The press release accompanied by a digital image is emailed to media groupings relevant to the customer and press release contents. The press release is published on line within a matter of hours. Turnaround time – a few days!

Laverick Ntuli Communications Team Bio

Who we are today

We have remained flexible and dynamic, changing with latest global trends and embracing the latest innovations and digital technologies. This includes all marketing services focused across all social media platforms. We also establish and maintain solid long-term relationships with our media partners. This has enabled the LNC team to offer clients the best digital packages available in our B2B media space.

Olivia, who joined LMC 12 years ago as receptionists and admin clerk, has a very different role today. Her skill sets now include being a specialist in media monitoring to source online and digital links for clients’ online press releases, banners and digital adverts. Olivia also takes care of stats and analytics.

Morgan joined us 10 years ago, boosting our marketing arsenal with professional photography and videography services.

Most importantly, the team has years of experience and we are passionate in what we do. We are a full on digital PR and Advertising agency offering professional and premium class services, often below going market rates, and delivering these services in a personal manner. We are extremely proud of the fact that many of our clients have been with us for close on 20 years.

We continue to evolve, making sure that we are up to date with the latest that the digital marketing world and social media platforms have to offer. We are also on top of our game when it comes to the Who’s who in the media – new journals, new editors, etc.