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Lubrication solutions from SKF/Lincoln South Africa adds value for Northern Cape iron ore mine

What started initially as sporadic attendance to breakdowns at an iron ore mine in the Northern Cape has escalated into a permanent on-site presence of a supervisor and three technicians from SKF/Lincoln South Africa. 

“This was in response to a request from our longstanding mine customer of some fifteen years to be present onsite to provide seamless labour and parts supply,” states Riaan Fourie, SKF/Lincoln Area Manager – Griekwastad. “The mine decided to go bumper-to-bumper (comprehensive maintenance plan) with OEM’s in a bid to get the complete service package on everything i.e. on their own as well as on all other machinery on site. “This is a ‘whole fleet’ service – from excavators and dump trucks to drills, etc,” says Fourie. He explains that when the mine made the bumper-to- bumper transition, SKF/ Lincoln SA remained off-site for six months as the then OEM was under contract to service everything. However, when the OEM failed to meet the requirements, the mine gave us the green light to move on site permanently.” 

“Over the past four years we have met our customer’s requirements for easy access to lubrication technicians who provide professional technical support services, the supply of reliable lubrication products and systems, as well as for a reliable stock solution,” affirms Fourie. OEM and planning meetings are held on-site for handling breakdowns, etc. The supervisor is responsible for managing the technicians’ time and for the planning of all scheduled maintenance; the technicians carry out the manual labour in line with the schedules. “In addition to receiving and responding to monthly technician support orders, we are also responsible for parts supply and fitment. We have codified the parts for the customer in their stores meaning that they are carrying minimum and maximum stock of all SKF/Lincoln products.”

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