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Know the drill with Atlas Copco’s high pressure DrillAir compressors

Atlas Copco’s high pressure DrillAir compressor range offers the perfect drilling solution to meet drill operators’ objective of drilling the maximum number of meters per day at the minimum cost per meter is the objective of in a bid to ensure business sustainability.

 “These highly efficient 30-35 bar machines enable operators to drill more meters in an hour with a lower overall cost per meter,” affirms David Stanford, Atlas Copco Power Technique Business Line Manager- Portable Products. He adds that the Atlas Copco DrillAir Y35 can drill 500 meters per day, which translates to completing two 4.5” geothermal wells in a single drilling day! “Now that is productivity at its best.”

DrillAir compressors’ scientific design focuses on the relationship between pressure and flow, creating the ideal combination of these two variables to achieve the most effective utilisation of air or, in other words, to achieve maximum air flow at any pressure setting. These rugged and flexible machines subsequently offer a superior quality compressed air solution for a wide range of high capacity drilling applications. A primary objective is to improve the efficiency aspect of the time spent and fuel utilised while increasing drilling performance. “This perfect harmony between pressure and flow puts end-users in full control of these parameters, while saving fuel,” notes Stanford.

Choosing the right compressor to match hole depth and hammer size are fundamental to drilling efficiency; this is exactly what the DrillAir range offers. End-users can have the best of both by choosing the right compressor for their core business with the added flexibility of being able to adapt to changes in well depth and hammer size for any custom application.

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