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Integrated Air Solutions enhances compressed air system efficiencies through a partnership with a global piping and fittings specialist

Integrated Air Solutions recently signed a partnership agreement with Italian piping and fittings manufacturing specialist, AIRCOM Piping Systems, in a bid to offer Southern African customers best-in-class compressed air solutions.     

Headquartered in Jet Park, Johannesburg, and a member of the GiGi Group of Companies, Integrated Air Solutions is an exclusive regional sales and service partner for esteemed air compressor brands such as ELGi Equipment and FS-Eliott.  

“The greatest cost of ownership of an air compressor is not the machine itself; it is the process of generating compressed air which consumes a great deal of energy,” notes Integrated Air Solutions General Manager, Trevor Volker. “It is therefore crucial that an air compressor operates at optimal efficiency to ensure the lowest possible total cost of ownership over the machine’s life cycle.” The ELGi range of superior quality air compressors incorporate cutting-edge technologies that optimise machine performance, reliability and efficiency. 

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