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Garbage loads being efficiently compacted by refuse trucks fitted with SKF/Lincoln automatic lubrication systems

The success of an automatic lubrication system installed by SKF/Lincoln on two refuse compactor trucks resulted in increased uptime, machine availability and personnel safety, urging the satisfied customers to call for the same lube solution on three more trucks. 

According to SKF/Lincoln’s Application & Export Sales Engineer, Donatien Makopo, this was a new project for SKF/Lincoln. “We are extremely proud of the fact that our first compactor refuse truck lubrication installation impressed not one but two customers, a renowned truck manufacturer as well as a prominent crane builder.”

Makopo explains that the customers’ initial practice to manually lubricate all grease points on the refuge compactors caused two main problems. “In addition to some points being overlooked as they were covered in dirt, over-greasing was causing breakdowns and subsequent costly downtime. Over-greasing also led to unnecessary grease wastage which added to the customer’s costs. Already familiar with the brand due to lubrication installations having been done previously by a SKF’s Authorised Distributor in Cape Town, the customer approached us to assist them with an automated lubrication solution.” 

“We did not hesitate in recommending the SKF/Lincoln progressive lubrication system with P203 & KFGS1 pumps as the best solution for our customers. In addition to the fact that the units are easy to maintain, readily available stock mitigates shortages in the supply of pumps and SSV lubricant/grease metering devices.” Makopo adds that alongside proven product quality and reliability, price competitiveness was also key in securing the order.

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