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Epiroc empowers young women on their educational journey through support of the Palesa Pads initiative

“We are all well aware that without an education, obtaining employment and earning an income is almost impossible,” says Judy Vilakazi, Regional CSR Manager at Epiroc South Africa. “A sad reality in most African countries is that many young women don’t attend school during their monthly menstrual cycle because they cannot afford sanitary pads. This means they miss up to one week of class every month simply because they lack the basic necessities. Epiroc is committed to promoting gender diversity, so we felt compelled to invest in the Palesa Pads initiative. By enabling female learners to attend school during their menstrual cycle, we are giving them an opportunity to obtain an education, earn an income and contribute to the mainstream economy. At the same time we are investing in a future talent pool that will contribute to the future gender diversity in the work space.”  

Epiroc has been supporting and donating reusable Palesa Pads to numerous schools over the past two years. Kicking off with a donation to Bekekayo Primary School in February 2020, Epiroc continued throughout 2020 and 2021 with donations to ACFS Teenage Girls Programme Tsakani and Naledi, Tholokele and Manger Care Centres, Bonani Primary School and Mmantutule Senior Secondary School. “Determined to reach a target that we had set for ourselves of donating Palesa Pads to 1000 young ladies by the end of 2021, we decided to join the inspirational ‘365daysOfkindness’ campaign spearheaded by WiMSA (Women in Mining South Africa), pledging to donate our outstanding balance to 250 young women,” affirms Judy.

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