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Cost-effective, efficient, convenient and safe on-site Nitrogen production with Atlas Copco NGP+ 160-1300 PSA Nitrogen generator

Countless industries such as chemical, food & beverage, electronics, pharmaceuticals and laser cutting, are depend on Nitrogen (N₂) as an integral part of their production and manufacturing processes. This inert gas is not reactive, making Nitrogen ideal for applications such as blanketing and it is also widely used as a purging gas. 

Customers are under constant pressure to produce more and to do so more efficiently, while reducing costs and ensuring worker safety and environmental compliancy. “In a constant effort to assist customers in achieving this, we are driven to develop innovative products and state-of-the art technologies that offer ever higher efficiencies and performance,” says JC Lombard, Business Line Manager for Atlas Copco Compressor Technique’s Oil-free Air division. “The new Atlas Copco NGP+ 160-1300 PSA Nitrogen generator is a great example of our commitment to this strategy. This Premium N₂ generator with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology offers the most complete scope of Nitrogen supply at the highest energy efficiency. In addition, the smart NGP⁺ reduces energy consumption by matching its air consumption with the Nitrogen output required.”

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