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Boost uptime and productivity with SKF MultiPoint Automatic Lubricators

Automatic multi-point lubricators are increasingly becoming an essential component for maintenance programmes,” says SKF Product Manager – MaPro, Eddie Martens. “Switching to automatic lubrication can reduce operational costs significantly by helping to eliminate failures related to excessive or insufficient lubrication.”

The proven SKF MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator TLMP series consists of a centralised, ready-to-use lubrication system that automatically lubricates multiple bearing lubrication points in rotating equipment, offering the perfect solution for applications where there are multiple lubrication points. This technologically advanced system has been specially developed by SKF for industrial applications as well as agricultural and off-road vehicles. 

Supplying from one to as many as eighteen lubrication points, the cycle control sensor of the multipoint automatic lubricators ensures the delivery of the appropriate lubrication quantity to outlets at the required frequency every time. This results in minimising friction and wear, thereby optimising bearing life, boosting bearing performance and equipment reliability, ultimately increasing uptime and production.

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