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Atlas Copco’s oil-free ZR/ZT90-160VSD – the most efficient and complete quality air compressor package

The new ZR/ZT90-160VSD air compressor range incorporates three cutting-edge technologies – advanced screw element, oil-free and Variable Speed Drive (VSD) – to present yet another unrivalled smart air solution from Atlas Copco. Delivering 100% oil-free certified air at the highest reliability, combined with maximum energy efficiency, these rotary screw machines offer the most complete air compressor package for food & beverage, textiles, oil & gas, power plants, and pharmaceutical production and processing plants.

Given that compressed air production accounts for more than 40% of a plant’s total electricity bill, energy is the most expensive cost component in the total cost of producing compressed air, making up over 80% of a compressor’s lifecycle costs (LCC). “It is well documented that highly efficient, reliable machines deliver increased uptime and reduced operational costs, subsequently presenting the most sustainable route to enhanced productivity and production,” says JC Lombard, Business Line Manager for Atlas Copco Compressor Technique’s Oil-free Air Division. “Our highly reliable and efficient oil-free ZR/ZT90-160VSD air compressors reduce a plant’s energy bill by up to 35%, for lowest overall total cost of ownership and contributing to end-users’ bottom line.”

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