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Atlas Copco ZenergiZe energy storage systems deliver economic, green solutions

The cost of fuel in South Africa has skyrocketed on the back of the global energy crisis. In addition to transportation, petrol and diesel also power a wide range of industrial machines and equipment. The high fuel costs are subsequently pushing up operational costs and adding a further challenge for businesses is the country’s power utility which is under extreme pressure.  

The ZenergiZe range of battery energy storage systems from Atlas Copco offers a clean, efficient and cost-effective solution to these challenges by offering a simpler way to capture and store renewable energy for immediate or later use, ready for delivery at any given time, thus serving as ideal short-term solutions in applications where there is no access to grid power or where there are low load issues.

When powered or charged by renewable sources, the energy storage system consumes zero fuel operating in island mode, assisting customers with significantly lower fuel costs, thus reducing their Operating Expenses (OPEX) for low total cost of ownership. When used as a standalone power source, the ZenergiZe produces zero CO² emissions. These systems also boast zero noise levels owing to the high-density lithium-ion batteries which are the heart of these powerful and compact units, making them ideal for noise-sensitive environments.