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Atlas Copco takes customers’ carbon footprints to a new low with the ultra-efficient portable E-Air VSD electric compressor

Atlas Copco is once again on top of the energy-efficiency game with the development of the new advanced portable E-AIR VSD electric compressor range. Incorporating Variable Speed Drive (VSD), these machines deliver all the benefits of quality air without the emissions of a diesel-driven machine. These emission-free, silent, efficient, versatile, and reliable compressors offer a sustainable solution for a cleaner environment.

This remarkable electric machine presents the most efficient solution for sites that are connected to the grid. The electric compressor is essentially the emission-free version of a diesel air compressor, and much more affordable to operate. End-users can save up to 65% just on fuel alone!

The evidence of global warming is becoming increasingly apparent with recent floods in KwaZulu-Natal, heat waves in India and the USA, and even a rare tornado in Germany. The electric air compressor innovation aligns with Atlas Copco’s narrative of contributing towards a cleaner environment by following science-based targeting with respect to emission reductions and global warming. Atlas Copco’s multi-layered environmental approach is both outward- and inward-looking. Atlas Copco assist’s their customers in sustainably achieving their decarbonising goals by focusing on the development of zero or low emission products that operate ultra-efficiently. At the same time, they look at shrinking their own carbon footprint by ‘greening’ our production facilities and processes, ensuring that they adhere to all environmental regulations. The E-AIR fits perfectly with Power Technique’s forward-thinking philosophy of creating customer value by anticipating and exceeding their future needs while applying Atlas Copco’s environmental principles.

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